I'm easily distracted by life, I'm verbose (and I overuse parentheses.) Here's proof.


Instructions and a hoola hoop.

Friday was a crazy day.  I fell asleep before I blogged.

We had an appointment at the funeral home. We discussed burial and disposal options over breakfast.

Apparently there was a show about a woman who ate her husbands cremains.

Turns out my cousin only had a topical idea of what her mom wanted for burial. We quickly checked file cabinets at Aunt M’s house then went to the funeral home late and ill prepared.

(I’m not used to being … either of those things in situations when it matters.)

Then it was back to the house, desperate to find instructions.

I suggested creation and internment with her son/husband.

In my head I was silently applauding the fact my grandma has her funeral details planned, already donated her body to science and, as a result of working in a mortuary for 25+ years has taught me the right questions to ask.

Cousin and I sorted through things like two kids on the set of Goonies.  Aunt M had treasure in her closet. Actual treasure. I can’t even explain it.

We moved to the dining room, and, among decently organized stacks in an old secretary, we hit pay dirt.

Instructions from beyond the grave. Except we hadn’t decided on the grave yet and we were stressed about the idea of doing something and then finding something in the safe deposit box (in 14 days) that spelled out specific plans.


This though? Pretty specific! It’s a deed to a 1’x1′ plot in a cemetery in her home town.

Cremation it is.

We went back to the funeral home today to firm up details.

I wrote an obituary and ordered prayer cards.

Returned to the farm, jumped in my own truck and drove away for a few hours to clear my head. It felt great to drive in silence, not responsible for anyone or anything but me for the first time in 10 days.

Found my favorite farm animal stuck in the fence when I returned. Seriously.  Stuck.

And then, tonight? I hoola hooped on the porch in the candlelight.  And it was awesome.

It was fun to relax with a group of my cousins friends and learn something new.



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