I'm easily distracted by life, I'm verbose (and I overuse parentheses.) Here's proof.


Gram thinks she’s flawless

So there I was.

Sitting in an “open creative space” in Manhattan –I recently started working at a StartUp that shall remain unnamed — reading pages and pages and pages of text.

We’re in the middle of a relaunch. This equates to me reading pages and pages and pages of text before the site goes live.  Pages and and pages and pages…

I digress.

My phone buzzed with a text from my brother and this gem popped up on my screen.



That’s right.  At 93, my grandma is channeling Beyonce. 

I sat at my corner of the work table and laughed until I cried.

Flawless, Gram.  Flawless indeed.

And oh-so-proud of herself.

She’s often said, “I don’t wake up looking quite this good but that can be our little secret.”

Now she’s got the shirt to prove it.

Thanks for the laugh, Bro.

Enjoy your visit.

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