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The music only I can hear…

 One of the best things about the ‘Ville is the commute.  To anything.  Be it the dining facility (which I’ve developed a love hate relationship with), the office—steps away from my bedroom door, or the gym.

I’ve developed the habit of working out at lunch time.  The problem with that is I end up skipping the meal and by dinner I’m so hungry I give in to the DFAC’s charms.  Then, even if I’m selective about what I choose, I’m often tortured by it sometime around midnight. (they, um, they have different hygiene standards at the DFAC than I’m used to.)

That’s not what I’m writing about though.

Today Staff Sergeant X and Staff Sergeant F pointed out if I went to the gym earlier I could work out and recover in time to make it to lunch.


So I changed over, skipped to the gym and found an open treadmill.  All but one were available because SURPRISE! No one works out at 11 a.m.

Except for that one dude who keeps looking over and smiling a knowing smile.  Seriously? Why is he smiling at me.  Determined to ignore him I turned the music louder.

Fast forward and I’m 30 minutes into a hard run and suddenly SSG X is standing next left side of my treadmill just staring at me.  Yes, for those of you who know me, I was so startled I almost fell OFF the machine.  He stood there cracking up and SSG F tapped my right shoulder.  Perplexed, I removed my headphones.

Red-faced  and sweating from his own workout he leaned against the treadmill and, in his thick Alabama drawl said, “Ginny, we’re only tellin’ you this because we love you—“ I cut in and said, “Are these pants that bad ?” 

“No, Ginny, the pants look fahn—but you need to know that while you’re here singing at the top of your lungs it just doesn’t sound the same to those of us who can’t hear the music.  If you look around the gym here you’ll see you’re the only one who can hear the songs you’re singin’ to and all we kin hear is YOU.”

Mortified, I looked over at SSG X who just stood there laughing silently and nodding his head.  “Wurd.”

They laughed and went back to their workouts and I suddenly realized why the dude was smiling at me earlier.

I’d been making an absolute fool of myself.

(in  a sing song voice)

And I raa-aann, I ran so far awaaaaaay…

I hope something makes you laugh half as hard as I did today.


5 thoughts on “The music only I can hear…

  • Don Oberloh

    My name is Don Oberloh, I read about a father who served at Pearl Harbor and had his best day on the USS Dewey. My father passed a few years back and I have control of a couple plots at Punchbowl National Cemetery. He purchased them when I was born back in ’57, He said they were for my mother, himself and my brother and sister that died premature shortly after they were born. I have been looking for US Veterans who served at Pearl or Air Corp at Schofeild Barracks to give to them or their family as a final resting place. My name is Don Oberloh my e-mail is, my phone number is 574-226-2028. Its an Indiana number, I am on the mainland currently but from Hawaii. There is no cost, it is just something my father would want to do.

    Semper Fi.

  • …and your first reaction was the pants? I mean.


    Filters, honey. Apply them OCCASIONALLY…

    THE U

  • wendy (aka dd)

    GIRL! I’m laugh’n my bum off!! ok I had an awesome day…shakin my money maker (LOL) in zumba class, spent afternoon with mom/dad&weedy/doris….then this….this may have been the icing on the proverbial cake!
    Girl sing your heart out and don’t care who is lookin (or listenin)!!
    Thanks for the laughs!

  • Seriously? Flock of Seagulls? Nice. Somehow I suspect your playlist also includes Hall & Oats. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, yada, yada, yada.

    • jennslenz

      Haha! Actually, I was listening to O.A.R while I was running. I DO have a list that includes Drop Kick Murphys, Air Supply and T-Pain. (thank you, Bisher!) That said, if you have a better playlist, I DO have a mailing address…


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