Saturday’s “done” list

I spent a lot of time today engaged in conversation about my #heroindreams post.

And went for a run.

And talked with a friend in Brooklyn and face timed her into my garden.  I’ve come to accept I should have read the instructions on gone seed packages.

Click here to check out the garden’s progress. 

I visited a friend.

And then another friend. And she told me to use rain gutters to thin out the spinach and kale and lettuce…

Habitat for Humanity restore here I come!

And tonight, in the bathtub, I had an epiphany.

Two of my good friends are using match dot com to find soul mates.


I just sent them an email explaining why they should look no further.

I know what you’re thinking, “one great blind date and suddenly she thinks she’s freaking Cupid.”

But seriously.

She’s incredible, he’s fantastic. Same age, both accomplished, both stable, both Vets. WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG?

Call me Alfred.






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