I'm easily distracted by life, I'm verbose (and I overuse parentheses.) Here's proof.

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A photo booth, some arm twisting and a tiger.

“What do you mean ‘make a face.’ What kind of face?”

A silly face.

“I will not.”

Gram, just make a goofy face.

“No. It’s undignified.”

It isn’t “undignified.” It’s fun.

“Looking absurd isn’t fun.”


“Is this one of those “selfie” things?”

No. It’s a photo booth. We look at the camera, make funny faces and it takes a series of photos.

“I don’t see a need to stick out my tongue or look stupid for a photo.”

I’ve been walking up and down hills next to that electric scooter for more than three hours, Gram. Stick out your tongue or I’ll put you back on the monorail and feed you to that tiger!

“Like this? Aaaaah.”

Yup just like that!


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